Wildcat Wheels


  • Limited summer schedule  - Monday through Thursday only - no weekend service.

 Bus Schedules 


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Passenger Guidelines

You MUST show your student ID to board all JWU buses and vans. This and all policies are strictly enforced.

  • Buses stop at designated bus stops only, for safety purposes
  • Stand away from the curb as buses approach
  • Don't walk or run into the street when buses are in traffic
  • Check the illuminated sign next to the passenger entrance to see where the bus is going
  • Treat drivers and all other riders with courtesy and respect
  • Have your JWU student ID ready and present it to the bus driver upon entering bus
  • Help keep your JWU bus clean. Trash receptacles are located at the front of each bus
  • Before departing, check your seat for all personal items


Lost Items

Call 401-598-1156 for lost and found items, which are turned in daily.

All items are turned over to the Office of Campus Safety & Security after 24 hours.


Guests -

When bringing guests on the bus:

  • 2 guests maximum per student
  • You must obtain a guest pass in your residence halls, Campus Safety & Security, or the Transportation office
  • Guests must have a state issued ID
  • You must accompany guests on buses at any given time


Limited Service Times

JWU provides regularly scheduled Wildcat Wheels bus service to/from JWU facilities (including residence halls), as well as transportation for field trips, recreational events, athletic programs, other university functions.

Poor Weather

If classes are cancelled due to poor weather, all regularly scheduled routes are cancelled and service is limited.