Providence Campus

Learn where to park on campus, how to get parking permits, and what regulations you need to follow, especially in the case of parking bans.




Parking Permits


How to Apply

You must have a JWU-issued parking permit for all JWU lots. Permits do not waive JWU Garage hourly fees

Resident and commuter students who plan to bring a vehicle on university property (including the JWU garage) must register their vehicle. Make sure you know your license plate number when you apply.

These parking permits are handled solely by Student Academic & Financial Services, online or in person:




The fees for Harborside and Harbor View are pro-rated after the first term:

  • Per year: $230
  • Purchased at the beginning of the second term: $115


Pick Up Your Permit

Fall 2023 permits will be available for pick up starting in late August.

Permits are normally available to be picked up 24 hours after purchase at the Downcity Financial Services Office or Harborside Safety & Security Substation in the Harborside Academic Center. If you have purchased a permit be sure to come an pick it up. Place the permit on your windshield at the bottom of the driver's side.


Transferring Permits

Parking permits are non-refundable and are only transferable to an alternate vehicle of the original owner with our prior approval.

Additional information regarding student vehicles on campus can be obtained from the Providence Student Handbook.


Temporary Permits


Safety & Security issues temporary parking permits, free of charge.


5 Days

Permit can be used for up to five days of use. (After five days, a university permit must be purchased.)



When applying for a temporary permit, guests must be accompanied by a host student; while on campus, they will be expected to observe the university's parking rules and regulations.



Temporary permits are valid only in designated parking areas and must be clearly visible.



Permits are issued to guests in the host student's name. Violations issued to "guest vehicles" will be charged to the host student.


Return to CS&S

Temporary permits must be returned to Safety & Security upon expiration



Parking Areas


Find parking lots for resident, commuter, graduate, continuing education an practicum students, as well as faculty:

Resident Students

Parking space on campus is limited, so please evaluate available JWU transportation options before bringing a car.



Day school students may park at the Downcity Campus's JWU garage.


Residence Halls

Parking space is on a first-come, first-serve basis at:

  • Harborview Center
  • Harborside Village

Restrictions will apply.

If your residence hall doesn't offer on-site parking, you can obtain a parking permit for E or F Lots.


Commuting Students


Day school students on the Downcity Campus can park for a fee in the JWU Garage. Students are required obtain a permit from the garage office.  There is no overnight parking in the garage.


Harborside Campus

Your are also encouraged to park at the Harborside Campus's A, B, D, E and F Lots, and take the campus shuttle to Downcity Campus facilities.

Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis.


CE Classes

Day school students taking CE classes may park in the JWU garage.


Continuing Education

All parking at these locations is on a first-come, first-served basis. You must have a parking permit displayed visibly on your car.


Parking is available on the Downcity Campus in the following location:

  • JWU Garage


Overflow parking

Available in the Harborside Campus’s F Lot, with free shuttle service available to and from the Downcity Campus.


Graduate Students

Parking space is available for graduate commuters in the A, B, D, E & F Lots at the Harborside Campus. You must have a parking permit visibly displayed on your car.


Grad Students Taking CE Classes

Park at the Downcity Campus JWU garage.



These lots are reserved for faculty and staff:

  • C Lot
  • G Lot
  • Met Lot
  • Johnson Lot

Students who park in one of these lots may be towed at your expense.



Parking Garage




Undergraduate students may pay for a full term's use. There are a limited number available for purchase, which must be made on-line during specific dates. The sales period is generally the last week before the term starts.

Fall 2023 Garage passes are expected to go on sale mid to late August. The garage is always available for pay as you go.  You should evaluate the amount of time you expect to be on campus daily before purchasing a term garage pass.  See the garage attendant to pick up a permit sticker.

  • Per term: $340
  • Per year: $650



The garage is FREE for:

  • Continuing Education students
  • Graduate students
  • Doctoral and Physician Assistant Students


Hourly Rates

  • First 30 minutes: Free
  • Next 1 hours: $1
  • Next 2 hours: $2
  • Next 3 hours: $3
  • Next 4 hours: $4
  • Next 5 hours: $6
  • Next 6 hours: $8
  • Next 7 hours: $10
  • Next 8 hours (max rate): $11

Fees are not refundable.


Can I leave my car overnight?

No overnight parking. The garage is intended for daily parking only.

Cars left in the garage past 11pm will pay the daily max rate ($11) plus an additional $50 fee.


Who can park in the garage?

All JWU students are welcome to park in the garage.

Students must have a valid JWU ID card to enter, and either a regular JWU Student permit or Parking Garage Only permit.

While the Parking Garage Only permit is free of charge, students must pay the posted hourly rate or purchase a term parking permit.

Commuting students using the garage only are required to pick up a Parking Garage Only permit from the garage office.


Do I need my JWU ID?

Yes. You will be instructed to swipe your JWU ID card for access. Once validated, take the ticket from the machine and proceed into the garage to park. You will need this ticket when paying and exiting the garage. You will also need your JWU ID to access the entrance doors when entering the garage.  This procedure may change as garage's system is updated this summer


Hourly Parkers

Hourly parkers will receive a validation ticket upon entry from the validation kiosk


How do hourly ticket holders pay?

You must pay prior to exiting the garage.

Payments can be made at one of the kiosks located throughout the garage. All kiosks accept credit cards and one kiosk also accepts cash. At the exit, you will insert your paid, validated ticket and the gate will open for you to exit.  This procedure will change as garage's system is updated this summer



Parking Regulations


Automobiles that are parked on university property are subject to the following regulations:

  • Purchase of a Harborside permit does not waive fees for the JWU Garage – you must pay hourly fees.
  • Purchase of a garage term pass does not allow overnight parking at the harborside campus.
  • All vehicles parked on campus must have a valid permit.
  • Failure to have a valid permit can and will subject you to tagging or towing of your vehicle at your expense.
  • It is the responsibility of the person applying for the permit to have and maintain a valid driver’s license, registration and insurance.
  • Permits are valid for the vehicle they are issued for only and are valid for the parking areas and period indicated on the permit.
  • Vehicles must be parked properly within a designated space so as not to interfere with another parking space or to obstruct a lane of travel or pedestrian walkway.
  • Vehicles parked in flagrant violations such as parking in a fire lane, parking in a travel lane, blocking another person, et cetera will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Maximum speed limit on university property is 15 mph. It may be lower in other areas.
  • Vehicles are subject to search for cause upon request.
  • The decision to tag and/or tow any vehicle in violation is made by the officer on the scene. Failure to comply with these rules, traffic signs, or operating your vehicle without a reasonable amount of care may result in fines, suspension / revocation of parking privileges and / or additional disciplinary action.
  • Moving or defacing any university traffic sign may result in disciplinary action.
  • In the event of snow, a university parking ban may be announced through normal campus communications (ie. jwuLink, email, posted notices in residence halls). Any vehicle found parked in an area prohibited by such ban will be towed at the owners expense.

Additional information regarding student vehicles on campus can be obtained from the Providence Student Handbook.

Parking Bans

During periods of inclement weather, the university may institute a campuswide parking ban:

Harborside Campus

A ban will require resident students parked on the Harborside Campus to move their vehicles to the E or F Lot designated by Campus Safety & Security. This includes removing vehicles from Harborside Boulevard.

Resident Students

Harbor View  students will also be required to move their vehicles into a designated area. Notices will be posted at the front desk of each residence hall instructing the students of the hall as where they should park.

Holiday & Term Break

During the holiday shutdown or term break periods, all students leaving vehicles on campus should park in the E or F Lot that is designated by campus safety & security.

City Bans

Be advised that the Cities of Providence and Cranston may issue parking bans independently and at different times than each other or the university. Close attention is encouraged to prevent towing and/or ticketing.