Undergraduate students may pay for a full term's use.  There are a limited number available for purchase, which must be made on-line during specific dates.  The sales period is generally the last week before the term starts. 

Garage passes are sold out at this time.

  • Per term: $225
  • Per year: $650


The garage is FREE for: 

  • Continuing Education students
  • Graduate students
  • Doctoral and Physician Assistant Students


Hourly Rates

  • First 30 minutes: Free
  • Next 1 hours: $1
  • Next 2 hours: $2
  • Next 3 hours: $3
  • Next 4 hours: $4
  • Next 5 hours: $6
  • Next 6 hours: $8
  • Next 7 hours: $10
  • Next 8 hours (max rate): $11

Fees are not refundable.    

Can I leave my car overnight?

No overnight parking. The garage is intended for daily parking only.

Cars left in the garage past 11pm will pay the daily max rate ($11) plus an additional $50 fee. 

Who can park in the garage?

All JWU students are welcome to park in the garage.

Students must have a valid JWU ID card to enter, and either a regular JWU Student permit or Parking Garage Only permit.

While the Parking Garage Only permit is free of charge, students must pay the posted hourly rate or purchase a term parking permit. 

Commuting students using the garage only are required to pick up a Parking Garage Only permit from the garage office.  

Do I need my JWU ID?

Yes. You will be instructed to swipe your JWU ID card for access. Once validated, take the ticket from the machine and proceed into the garage to park. You will need this ticket when paying and exiting the garage. You will also need your JWU ID to access the entrance doors when entering the garage.

Hourly Parkers

Hourly parkers will receive a validation ticket upon entry from the validation kiosk

How do hourly ticket holders pay?

You must pay prior to exiting the garage.

Payments can be made at one of the kiosks located throughout the garage. All kiosks accept credit cards and one kiosk also accepts cash. At the exit, you will insert your paid, validated ticket and the gate will open for you to exit.