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Find Wildcat Wheels bus, parking and permit information.



Parking at JWU

Parking is limited to designated areas, and restricted to: faculty and staff; resident students; commuter students; and university guests.

There is NO charge for parking permits. But, there is a $5 fee for replacements.

If you have not already registered your vehicle, you must do so within 3 days of the start of the academic term. Failure to do so may result in it being immobilized and/or towed.



Apply for a Permit

All vehicles, motorcycles, or scooters driven by faculty, staff and students must be registered with the Department of Safety & Security, Office of Parking & Transportation.

  1. Complete the form.
  2. Go to Campus safety & Security. Please have the following items available when applying for a decal:
    • Current JWU ID
    • Valid Driver’s License
    • Valid automobile registration
    • Current class schedule (printout)

If any one of these documents is missing, receipt of your parking decal may be delayed.





Parking Lots

Commuter Students

All commuter vehicles should visibly display a valid 'C' decal.

Commuter students can park in the: 

  • Garage
  • South lot (behind culinary)
  • Arch Creek lot

You can also park at locations other than yellow curbs, crosswalks, intersections, fire hydrants or any other locations prohibited by law.

Resident Students

Parking for resident students is assigned by the location of their residence hall. Residence Hall parking areas are for the resident only. North and South residents have overflow parking areas for all residents.


Gold: South Residents

Residents receive the following decals: 

  • Arch Creek Place: “A” decals
  • Palm Gardens: “P” decals
  • Tropical Pointe: “T” decals

Overflow Parking: Wildcat Square Lot


Red: North Residents

Residents receive the following decals: 

  • Lakeside Towers: “L” decals, park at Lakeside Towers
  • Flamingo Hall: “F” decals, park at West Lot
  • Emerald Lake Hall: “E” decals, park in the spaces near Emerald Lake Hall.

Overflow Parking: West Lot


Enforcement & Fines

Campus Safety & Security/Administrative Services Office is responsible for the:

  • Registration of student, faculty, staff and visitor vehicles;
  • Maintenance of all university vehicles;
  • Administration of all vehicle requests;
  • Maintenance of all records pertaining to parking citations, applications, appeals, and payment

Safety & Security also publishes the campus parking guide, which contains all parking regulations and policies. Hard copies can be obtained at each residential hall, the Student Life Center, and our office.





Important Information

Motor vehicles or persons found in violation of university parking and traffic regulations will be cited and fined in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Parking /General Violations: $20
  • Traffic Violations: $20
  • Parking in a space reserved for disabled: $100
  • Improper affixed or displayed decal: $10
  • Booted vehicles: $50
  • Late Fee: $10   
  • Towing Fee: $120, plus storage fees (Call Midtown, 305-754-1450)

If any vehicle on campus is in violation of any regulations, the person in whose name the vehicle is registered will be held responsible for the violation.

Operators of motor vehicles are subject to having said motor vehicle immobilized, towed or banned from the university if they:

  • Have three or more unpaid citations
  • Are persistent violators
  • Do not have university permits properly displayed

Repeat offenders will be referred to Student Conduct.


Selective Enforcement

Campus Safety & Security will conduct unannounced Selective Enforcement programs throughout the academic year for random enforcements of directional and regulatory signs, ID checks and vehicle checks. 

Any person to whom a parking permit has been issued shall be held accountable for all fines associated with the operation of said motor vehicle.

In indeterminate cases, an attempt to match the registered owner with a JWU student or employee will be made. Any match of name, address or other available data will result in that student or employee being billed. 

The fact that a student or employee does not receive a citation for the violation of any regulation does not imply that the regulation is not in effect.


Appeals and Payment

Any person found in violation of university traffic and parking policy, and consequently cited, has an opportunity to appeal such citation to the Campus Safety & Security station, which will coordinate the process. 

Appeals may be made on the grounds that the citation was issued erroneously, or that there were mitigating circumstances that may excuse the violation. These must be made within 10 calendar days of the issuance date of the citation. Appeal request forms are available at the Campus Safety & Security station.

The outcome of any appeal will be sent to the appellant’s university email account within three business days. At that time, if warranted, you will have five (5) working days to pay the fines assessed.



Citations are paid in person at the SFS/Student Accounts Window located on the 1st floor of the University Center.

The office can accept cash, checks, credit cards and money orders.

You must bring your student or staff ID and citation number when you are paying a fine.