Get a Parking Permit


  • Annual: $120
  • Per Term: $50


Follow These Steps

  1. Read and understand the Parking Rules & Regulations.
  2. Pay the required fee for the permit request at https://denparking.afford.com/. You must have your receipt of purchase to receive your permit.
  3. Submit a completed Student Permit Application to Campus Safety & Security. (All vehicles utilizing this permit must be listed on the application)


Pick Up Your Permit

Come to Campus Safety & Security to pick up your parking permit

It is the responsibility of the person applying for the permit to have and maintain:

  • Valid driver's license
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • Valid proof of insurance


Display on Your Mirror

All permits must be visibly displayed from the front of the vehicle, hung from the rear view mirror, and be visible from the outside and not blocked by any sun visors or dash board covers.


Do Not Share Permits

Students are not authorized to share, transfer, or sell parking permits to other students. Unused permits must be returned to Campus Safety & Security.


Bad Weather

During inclement weather months, students, faculty and staff may be asked to move their vehicles to help facilitate the snow removal process. 

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking permits are only available to faculty and staff, and can be obtained by contacting Campus Safety & Security.

Permits are valid for one day only and will be distributed in electronic format. 

Guests of students are asked to utilize street parking only; visitor or temporary parking permits are not issued to students. 

Lot Overflow

We strongly advise all students to remember that parking is on a first come, first serve basis.

Street parking is also available. 


If street parking is utilized, please be aware of areas that limit parking to certain days of the month and those that allow parking for one hour only. 

Parking tickets received for illegal parking on the street are issued by and payable to the City and County of Denver Parking Bureau.